10 Best Websites To Learn Coding in 2023

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Some people spend years of their life attending a college or university to get a degree in coding. However, doing this is not necessary. You can learn to code from the comfort of your home through a variety of online resources. 

This article will examine the ten best websites to learn coding in 2023. These are websites that you can use to either learn coding from the very beginning and ones that can improve your skills. Keep reading to find out which one is best suited to your situation. 

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1. Codecademy

Before going into this article, you may have already been familiar with Codecademy. They are one of the most popular resources for learning to code online. This popularity comes from both the ease and effectiveness of Codecademy’s approach. 

To start, Codecademy is easy to use. You can sign up on their website in no time at all and get started immediately. Then, once you’re started, staying with it is also easy. The site makes the progression process fun by rewarding you with points and digital bonuses. 

On top of this, Codecademy is effective. They teach the basics of HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, jQuery, PHP, and Ruby. Beyond this, they also offer more advanced courses. Together, this gives many people all of the coding resources they need to jumpstart their learning journey. 

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online tool that teaches through videos and reference materials. In fact, it is the world’s largest educational platform and has over 100 million registered users. Khan Academy teaches a variety of different subjects and courses from all over the educational spectrum. 

Many of these courses cover coding. This includes learning languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also includes computer basics and some elements of computer science. So, if you’re looking for videos and reference materials that teach coding for free, Khan Academy is a clear choice. 

3. Coursera

While many online resources are great at teaching coding basics, few manage to dive into them in the way an actual college or university course would. Coursera is different. This website was designed to replicate the experience of an entire university course in an online format. It does this in an authentic way by providing you with fully planned courses on any subject you want to learn. 

This makes it a great way to approach coding in an in-depth way. Two Stanford University computer science professors even started Coursera, so an element of learning about tech was there from the very beginning. 

4. TECH I.S. Bootcamps

A coding bootcamp is one of the ultimate ways to learn to code. A bootcamp offers a deep dive into a specific topic that will teach you all about it. These typically take place over the course of several weeks or even months but can be done from the comfort of your computer. TECH I.S.’s bootcamps last six months but leave you ready to jump into a new career.

Unlike most other options on this list, a coding bootcamp offers a truly interactive experience. You work with real people who can offer real feedback. You can ask questions, ask for advice, and even just have topics explained in a way you can really understand. Plus, you’ll put what you are learning to use so you can actually practice and apply your new skills. This puts coding bootcamps at a place far above most of these other options. 

Plus, there are a variety of coding bootcamps out there that each addresses a specific need. This makes finding the right one for you easy. 

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5. Code Avengers

If you’re interested in immediately putting your coding skills to practical use, you should consider Code Avengers. This site specializes in teaching you how to build specific things with your code. This includes developing websites, programming apps, or creating games. 

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6. Learn Python the Hard Way

This website is completely dedicated to learning Python. It uses this level of focus to teaching Python better than some of the other options out there. However, despite its intimidating name, it actually isn’t that hard. 

This approach to teaching coding started out as a book. The website simply uses additional tools, like videos, to teach the content already contained in the book. 

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7. Mozilla Developer Network

The Mozilla Foundation is a true blessing for the Internet. They are an organization dedicated to finding ways to promote “openness, innovation, and participation on the Internet.” Most people are familiar with them through their open-source Internet browser, Firefox, but they offer far more than this one resource. 

Specifically, the Mozilla Developer Network is a great resource. It teaches many different elements of web development and programming. However, most of the skills covered by this resource are more advanced, as it was created with web developers in mind. 

8. Code School

Code School offers a diverse library of different courses. Each of these follows a specific path upon which you can progress. This creates a simple and straightforward approach to learning. You simply have to pick the path you want to follow and progress with it in a natural way. This streamlined way to learn to code is attractive to many. 

9. Treehouse

Like other options on this list, Treehouse teaches coding through online courses. However, the variety of specific subjects it covers makes Treehouse stand out from the other options on this list. These include broad topics, like learning HTML, to more focused ones, like coding for iOS or Android. 

On top of this, Treehouse offers live classroom options. This gives you an opportunity to learn from and interact with real people. 

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10. SQLZoo

This is another resource created with a specific coding language in mind. This time, the focus is on SQL

When it comes to teaching SQL, SQLZoo is one of the top contenders. It provides a wide range of detailed tutorials and reference material covering this language. These cover SQL in more depth than many of the other resources on this list. Because of this, it is one of the top contenders when it comes to teaching this form of coding. 

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The Best Websites to Learn Coding

In 2023, you can learn coding through a lot of different sources. Each has strengths and weaknesses that you need to consider before making a final decision. Think about which option works best for you and pick one. Or, you can try a few out and see which one you like best. Related: How To Become A Coder: A Simple Guide (2023 Update)