How Long Does It Take To Learn JavaScript? (2023 update)

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Are you hoping to pursue a career in the tech field? Web development is one of the most lucrative positions one can have in the tech industry, with a reported median annual income of $78,300 in 2021. To break into this career, you’ll need a solid understanding of JavaScript.

JavaScript is the most common language developers use to make web pages interactive. However, unlike other languages such as HTML and CSS, it’ll take much longer than a few weeks or months to master JavaScript. Most people agree that it takes around nine months to have a working knowledge of JavaScript.

Learning JavaScript can be lengthy, but it also comes with many rewards. You’ll be able to break into a well-paying career and use your knowledge creatively and excitingly. If you’re interested in how long it takes to learn JavaScript, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll discuss key factors you need to know about learning this language, so let’s get started.

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What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a type of programming language. It’s technically a scripting language that is used to make web pages interactive with users. JavaScript makes any complex interactive experience seen on a web page possible. Graphics, videos, interactive maps, and timers are all examples of features programmed by JavaScript.

This language builds on the code already put into place by HTML and CSS. You first use HTML to define tables, paragraphs, or headlines and then use CSS to style them. Then, with JavaScript, you can control multimedia, animate images, and create interactive content. 

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Skills Needed To Learn JavaScript

You can’t jump into learning JavaScript with no prior coding knowledge. You’ll need a solid working knowledge of other programming languages in order to understand and use JavaScript effectively.

There are also some other skills needed to become proficient in JavaScript. Here’s a quick breakdown of the skills needed to learn JavaScript:

  • Prior knowledge of HTML and CSS is a necessity for those learning JavaScript. JavaScript builds on the code already put into place via HTML and CSS. So, if you don’t understand HTML and CSS, you’ll want to develop a good working knowledge of them before learning JavaScript.
  • Adaptability and a desire to continue learning are important if you’re serious about learning JavaScript. Technology is constantly changing, and JavaScript frequently goes through new trends, as do other programming languages. You’ll need to stay abreast of the latest trends to stay relevant. 
  • Having an understanding of different platforms is also essential. JavaScript works on all browsers and platforms that are version 3.0 or higher, but these things are constantly changing and evolving. You’ll want to ensure your understanding of different platforms and browsers is solid and that you keep on top of any updates or new developments.
  • You’ll also want to have a working knowledge of React and Redux when learning JavaScript. React is a JavaScript library that makes creating interactive user interfaces easier. Redux is used for testing and debugging applications effectively.
  • It’s also beneficial to have a solid set of soft skills. You should be able to think analytically, manage your time effectively, and come up with creative solutions to problems.

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How To Learn JavaScript

There are two different paths you can take to learn JavaScript. Some people may try to teach themselves JavaScript, but this is a complex language that’s difficult to learn without proper instruction.

If you want to master this language, you’ll need to pursue a more formal education.


Getting a college education is a reliable way to learn JavaScript. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer sciences or web development will teach you important skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, other programming languages, and other related processes.

The advantages of pursuing a college education are numerous. You’re less likely to have gaps in your knowledge than other means of education, and you’ll be working with a skilled instructor in this field. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers, attend career training courses, and experience valuable networking opportunities. 

However, there are just as many disadvantages to attending college. It will place a large financial burden on your shoulders that can take decades to pay off. A degree in computer sciences or web development will take 4-8+ years, so this is a massive time commitment. 

Obtaining a college degree is a solid choice for those who have the time and want to enjoy a traditional college experience. Many people consider this the safest and easiest way to break into a technology career.

Coding Bootcamp (2023 update)

Woman working on code on multiple screens

Another realistic option for learning JavaScript is to attend a coding bootcamp. These are short, intensive courses generally lasting 4-8 weeks that teach you everything you need to know about a variety of programming and computer languages. 

Most coding bootcamps offer courses specifically about web development or data science, so you can choose a course based on your goals. However, just like with college, a coding bootcamp will have its own set of advantages and downsides.

In terms of advantages, a coding bootcamp costs far less and takes considerably less time than attending college. You can choose between an in-person or online course, which makes it easier for some people to fit into their schedules. Most coding bootcamps also offer some professional development opportunities and networking experiences.

The downsides to coding bootcamp are fewer but still worth consideration. You’ll still be spending money on your education, and there’s a possibility that you may have some gaps in your knowledge. It’s also a very intensive way to learn, so some people might not be prepared to devote the time and mental energy necessary.

How Long Does It Take To Learn And Understand JavaScript?

Developing a basic knowledge of JavaScript could take as little as eight weeks if you attend a coding bootcamp or as long as several years if you attend a university. In general, most people agree that it takes about nine months to have full and workable knowledge of JavaScript.

Develop Your JavaScript Knowledge With Coding Bootcamp

Whether you’re interested in web development as a career or want the knowledge to support your projects, a knowledge of JavaScript is a necessity. You can learn JavaScript through a college course or a coding bootcamp, but a coding bootcamp will be a much faster option to set you on your career path. You’ll have an easier time learning JavaScript if you develop your knowledge of HTML and CSS first, which a coding bootcamp can also help you with. 

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