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In the upcoming and much-awaited 2023, many of us want to know surefire ways to earn a great salary. And a few questions pop up, like, “Is it really worth enrolling into a coding bootcamp?” “What is the earning potential after graduating from a coding bootcamp?” “Is it really true that coding bootcamp graduates are earning in 6-figures?”

Yes, it is true, and many coding bootcamp graduates do not have a college degree. Thankfully, we are living in an era where you can go from a 6-month course to a 6-figure salary!

For some of our impatient readers: The biggest driving force to learn to program is Ka-Ching! After graduating from a coding bootcamp, the starting salary is significantly high, ascending as you enhance your IT skills on each job.

Ask any bootcamp graduate, why they took up the program, and here’s the answer: “More job opportunities and a better salary.” Despite the astounding results of coding bootcamp graduates, you might hear a whisper, “If I don’t take the traditional route, how will fare?” So before you make a choice, understand what to expect after completing your coding bootcamp. In this article, learn about how to become a high-earning programmer after graduating from a coding bootcamp.

Benefits of Learning to Code in 2023

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We all understand that, as of 2023, everyone requires some amount of technical knowledge. And in the near future, most professionals will be involved in processes that are heavily dependent on technology. So do your research on how to gain work experience and additional training and learn to code. Springboard your marketability as a professional and be a part of the most sought-after group of professionals in the world.

Your dream to earn a six-figure salary is not dependent on a college degree anymore but on your ability to program! And coding bootcamps are known to be the best way to effectively gain technical skills no matter what your background is. Gaining technical knowledge increases your marketability in any professional industry, adding value to your profile.

From 6-Month Coding Bootcamp to 6-Figure Salary

So, many of you already understand that by enrolling in a coding bootcamp you will be able to learn computer languages like Python, Django, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and much more in a short duration of time. What you may not know is that you get adept at these skills by working on industrial projects that give you an in-depth understanding of what you are learning. With coding bootcamps, you learn programming fundamentals as well as any college graduate and have the same success working at IT companies.

In 2023, coding bootcamps like TECH I.S. will become the popular highway to learning to code. With their expertise in teaching beginners from any background, you can safely put the GPS away. That’s how great this learning method is! Consequently, you can decide for yourself, here’s a look at what coding bootcamp graduates earn;

Information Technology (IT) Managers: $159,010 annually

Computer Programmers: $93,000 annually

Web Developers: $78,300 annually

Software Developers: $109,020 annually

Information Security Analyst: $102,600 annually

Full Stack Developer: $111,591 annually

Data Scientist: 122,901 per year annually

User interface (UI) designer: $86,539 annually

User Experience (UX) Designer: $107,265 annually

Make note that there are a few instances where coding bootcamp graduates with a college degree earn more than a bootcamp grad in their first jobs. For example, if you have a college degree, you can earn a starting salary of $87,000, and bootcamp grads without a degree can earn a starting salary of $75,000. However, as you climb up the IT ladder, having a degree will have little to do with your growth. So, this 2023, it’s a fair game to upskill with popular IT languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, R, Ruby, Java, C++, all of which are easy to master as long as you are motivated!

Ways to Become a High-Paid Programmer

According to US News, software developers earn a median salary of $110,140 per year, and have a 3% unemployment rate, making it one of the most popular options for people to pursue as a lucrative career.

And depending on your time and availability, becoming a successful programmer is definitely possible by taking the following different paths. There is no one tailored way for everyone to learn to program. Different people learn to code by using different methods, but the thing to remember is everyone can code!

Different Ways To Become a Programmer

Self-Taught Programmers

Well, learning to code may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it is possible. However, while learning to code, getting stuck or facing obstacles while trying to understand a concept on your own can be a deterrent. Additionally, not having the right support often leads to many learners abandoning their programming journey. It is not impossible, many successful programmers in the world are self-taught. And if you have the drive and dedication to achieve the same, that’s simply awesome. Remember, if you choose to learn to program on your own, being consistent and investing time to learn and practice is a necessary commitment of any self-taught programmer.

Some people are determined and resolved to shift careers and even quit their job to dedicate their time to learning to code on their own. Of course, with the help of several YouTube channels, podcasts, and websites, you can reach the goal despite various obstacles and emerge strong and ready to start your IT career. And it’s not necessarily true that self-taught programmers earn lesser compared to college graduates. Most of us are aware that some of the richest individuals on the planet are self-taught programmers.

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Formally Educated Programmers

Another route to learning to program is by taking the formal education path and learning with a planned curriculum. For many of us, learning in a structured manner gives a sense of following a map with well-planned milestones. And college degrees or coding bootcamps might be a preferred option for those who come under this category. However, let’s discuss whether those who graduate from a fast-track coding bootcamp program earn the same after gaining the requisite experience. 

Programmers, with or without a college degree, generally do not have stagnating pay. They have a high-growth potential with gradually increasing salaries. And coding bootcamps are the best path into the IT industry; You prepare your own personalized portfolio of project work, gain the experience of working and learning from other engineers and receive complete job training within the 6 months of your course. In comparison, for a self-taught programmer, getting a first job may not necessarily be as easy. However, for a coding bootcamp graduate, networking and job support sessions are a part of the curriculum, making it easier to land a job and get started as a programmer. 

Coding Bootcamp Programmers

Coding bootcamps became popular as people realized that the time and money invested in a bootcamp is way lesser compared to attending a 4-year college degree. And the return on investment is incomparably higher. Therefore, since 2019, coding bootcamp are highly in demand for individuals seeking to quickly start their IT careers. Your potential to earn as an entry-level IT professional grows with your ability to upskill and take on diverse projects, and is not affected by your having a college degree. In simpler words, “No, you absolutely do not need a college degree to earn more the $120,000 annually.”

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Programming is an Equalizing Field

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Whether you are a college graduate or not, please keep in mind that programming jobs are different in nature and are not all the same. However, programming as a profession is an equalizer in terms of salaries. For example, while you may have a slight edge while negotiating your starting salary with your college degree, it can’t be used all the time. Most times, your earning capacity is directly proportional to the time, effort, passion, and dedication you have as a working IT professional that makes the real difference.

The salaries of developers and programmers continually increase every year. And they also enjoy being recession-proof even if certain companies lay off their IT staff. The reason for this is, developers are swooped up by other companies in no time! Furthermore, with IoT, ChatGPT, and AI seeping into all aspects of our lives, computer programmers will always be in demand. And at TECH I.S. Coding Bootcamp, the Job Support team is always there to provide our programming graduates with the best assistance to land their entry-level, dream IT job and even help them how to negotiate their salary! 

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Key Factors Impacting the Salary After Coding Bootcamp

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Many coding bootcamp graduates are getting hired within 180 days and you need to understand how this is happening. Did you know, that programmers almost always rank high in the workforce hierarchy, and their salaries are assured and usually recession-proof? So, programmers are important assets of any organization. Organizations perpetually scout talented coders equipped with the knowledge of the latest technologies. And one of the factors for coding bootcamp graduates’ quick hire, is their knowledge and practical learning experience with highly in-demand technology.

Additionally, certain key factors like geographical location can also affect your salaries after a coding bootcamp. 

Increase Your Salary After a Bootcamp

Now that you have an idea of how valued a programmer is, start focussing on getting there! Research shows that employers are eager to hire coding bootcamp graduates for their knowledge of the latest technology.

You can upskill and frequently augment your professional skills by staying in tune with the latest technological developments to actively move up the ladder. As a graduate of a coding bootcamp, you will have the required skillset and mindset to quickly learn newer technologies and increase your earning potential.

In 2023, learn and enter the exciting and straightforward world of programming! Choose to join TECH I.S. and gain the advantage that has launched thousands of successful IT careers in the U.S. Get complete, unparalleled support to graduate and job assistance to land your dream. 

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