What Exactly is JavaScript Used For?

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An object-oriented programming language, JavaScript is the premier programming language for web applications and websites. Used globally, JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages because of its compatibility and capability in 2023.

We’ll explain what web developers use JavaScript for and why it is essential to web design and programming. Those interested in becoming a web developer should become proficient in JavaScript to be competitive in today’s market.

What is JavaScript Mostly Used For?

JavaScript is mainly used for creating interactive, dynamic web pages and applications. A whopping 97% of all client-side websites utilized JavaScript in some capacity. Web developers leverage JavaScript to build:

Dynamic Websites and User Experience

JavaScript can populate webpages based on user interaction, making a website dynamic and customizable to the user and boosting the user experience. JavaScript enables websites to:

  • Add effects to text, buttons, and other style elements
  • Run animations
  • Create sliding image galleries
  • Populate, show, drop-down, and hide information menus
  • Zoom in and out on an image
  • Embed audio and video files into a webpage
  • Respond to user interactions on the webpage

In-Browser Games

JavaScript is a powerful programming language that can create in-browser games within a website. Developers can leverage many JavaScript game engines for building a customized game from free or open-source JavaScript code. Popular game engines include:

A.I. & Machine Learning Projects

JavaScript can support and enable A.I. and machine learning projects. Developers can leverage machine-learning JavaScript libraries to build machine-learning models that can be integrated into websites and applications.


You can use JavaScript to build mobile and web applications. Some extensive open-source libraries and frameworks have ever-expanding JavaScript code functions and components to help developers build robust applications without reinventing the wheel every time. The most popular JavaScript application frameworks are:

Is JavaScript Really Needed?

Yes. JavaScript is essential for web development because it is the only language that all web browsers can run and understand without needing a server. It’s compatible will all web browsers and adds functionality to websites where HTML is limited.

JavaScript was built to enable websites to populate, interact, validate, and respond to the user without sacrificing speed, performance, or functionality. Front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers need to be proficient in JavaScript to compete with other web developers.

JavaScript is the most used programming language in 2022 because of its versatility and compatibility. And it will continue to be one of the most in-demand programming languages for 2023.

Should I Learn JavaScript or HTML First?

You should learn HTML first because it is the primary web development language responsible for the structure of a website. After HTML, you’ll want to learn cascading style sheets (CSS). CSS creates a style sheet that structures the style and formatting of the HTML.

Once you have a solid understanding of these two web languages, then you’ll want to tackle JavaScript since these languages build and utilize each other. JavaScript is more complex than HTML and CSS because it adds interactive functionality to the website.

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Is it Hard to Learn JavaScript?

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The difficulty of learning JavaScript depends on your understanding of other web and programming languages. If you already know HTML, that’s an excellent first step. While HTML is a more straightforward language to understand, it gives you a good foundational step to JavaScript, a more complex programming language.

If you’re going cold turkey to learn JavaScript with no base coding language, it may be significantly more difficult. That’s why we recommend learning HTML and CSS first. At Tech I.S., we offer a comprehensive one-on-one web programming boot camp where you’ll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web development languages and tools. Within six months, you’ll become proficient and certified in JavaScript.

JavaScript is Continually Evolving

Probably the most challenging part of learning JavaScript is staying on top of updates to the programming language as it evolves to meet the latest trends and advanced demands of web design and user experience.

Web developers need to follow the Mozilla Developer Network to stay on top of evolving web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. By keeping your skills current with the latest updates, you’ll be more competitive and in demand for web projects.

How Long Does it Take to Learn JavaScript?

Most people can learn JavaScript within a year, but you can accelerate your proficiency depending on how you learn the programming language and your background knowledge. There are three ways you can learn JavaScript with varying learning timeframes:

  1. Computer Science Degree: You can learn JavaScript as part of your degree in college. You’ll likely take a few classes that teach proficiency in JavaScript.
  2. Web Development Boot Camp: These intensive learning environments certify you in JavaScript within six to nine months.
  3. Self-Taught: This route is learning at your own pace from tutorials and online courses. The timeframe for this depends on your motivation and aptitude for learning programming.

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JavaScript is a Critical Programming Language for Web Development

If you are considering becoming a web developer, we recommend becoming proficient in JavaScript, especially for front-end developers. JavaScript is a robust, capable programming language that adds dynamic interactive elements that enhance your application or website’s user experience.

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