Is Software Programming For Everyone? (2023 update)

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Software programming has been a hot topic for some time. With technology evolving at a formidable rate, let’s quickly get it out of the way by saying, “No, it is not a good career, but a great one and it is for everyone!” 

Programming skills provide excellent career options, from software engineering to front-end development. It offers many specialization opportunities, where you can upskill at any point in your career and grow.

Did you know, “Software Programming” has also been one of the most searched keywords since the Great Resignation? This indicates to us a high level of curiosity that people garner towards changing technology and how it can affect us and our careers. Today, everyone understands the importance of learning how to code. After all, today any field requires you to know how to work with software. Of course, you can also enjoy, among other perks, the flexibility to work from anywhere and even manage your time as long as you can get the work done. 

Reasons for High Demand for Software Programmers

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Up-for-Retirement Software Programmers: Programming is and will continue to be high in demand. One of the reasons is that a majority of programmers are in their period of retirement, creating vacancies for thousands of new programmers in the market.

Rapidly-Evolving Technology: Additionally, with the constant change in technology in every aspect of every industry, more software programmers are required to keep up with the requirement.

Predicted Shortage in Programmers: According to the US Labor Department, there will be an 85.2 million global shortage of software engineers by 2030, which may result in companies losing $8.5 trillion in revenue if the situation continues to escalate.

We live in a virtual world run by technology: Yes, it’s true. Irrefutably, each one of us is dependent on technology for various purposes. And so, to fulfill this need for better products and experiences, we require more software programmers.

Programming is for Everyone: If you have the right set of skills, like Python, SQL, Django, you can work on projects that require these skills. You could even upskill swiftly by teaching yourself to code. Many have successfully set foot into the IT industry by attending short-term coding bootcamps. I say, where there’s a will, there’s a good bootcamp 🙂 With experts waiting to answer your every doubt, you’ll have the best path to upskill and secure a great job with a great salary!

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Do I Need a Degree to Become a Software Programmer

Nope! It may surprise you that you do not need a college degree to become a software programmer, but it’s now an old adage. However, with or without a college degree, software programming, like any field, requires practice and hard work.

Nothing of worth is ever easy-peasy, don’t you agree? And if it is, it probably won’t fetch you anything long-lasting in return!

However, contrary to the belief that programming is hard to learn or takes 4 years to do so has been proved wrong. Today, it’s no longer a deterrent to people to not upskill with coding skills and shift their careers and find more stability and security in the IT sector.

An Alternative to College Degree in Computer Science for Everyone

There was a general advantage for people to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field in technology to enter the IT sector.

However, these days, getting into the IT sector is achievable by anyone! As a result of highly curated, modern curricula that have the best minds behind them, landing a computer programming job with these study plans and support is possible. Plus, we all know that there is a popular list of self-taught computer programmers who are successful leaders in the world of technology, today!

In short, you have the advantage of time and money saved without a degree in computer science and still have the visa to enter the world of technology! Accordingly, the related article talks about high-paying software programming jobs for anyone with the right skills.

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What Jobs Can I Get with Software Programming Skills?

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You will have a wide array of options with software programming skills set, including the average median salary you can earn in the United States;

  • Web Developer – Average Median Salary – $66,625 to $158,134
  • Mobile App Developer – Average Median Salary – $85,749 to $157,250
  • Software Engineer – Average Median Salary – $92,216 to $198,457
  • Game Developer – Average Median Salary – $76,789 to $165,739
  • Test Automation Programmer – Average Median Salary – $76,789 to $156,097
  • Database Developer – Average Median Salary – $91,410 to $143,790
  • Business Analyst – Average Median Salary – $81,235 to $128,796
  • Data Analyst – Average Median Salary – $64,726 to $131,778

Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Data Structures, and Algorithms… sound familiar? Yes, you’re right, these skills are important to take a bow in the world of information technology. However, these are not as complicated as we imagined them to be. Similar to learning swimming, singing, and working out every day, it’s a matter of dedication, discipline, practice, and a positive mindset! You can get adept at the many IT skills quickly, without quitting your present job. How? Enroll in a coding bootcamp that fits your routine and provides you with good finance options, that will be easy to repay with your first IT job!

Isn’t it time to finally move toward the best career available to you this year? Contact us today for the help you need!

Is Software Programming Difficult to Learn?

Like with all careers, there are challenges. It’s easy to want to give up when lines of code aren’t working the way you want. Approaching each task can be challenging. Debugging can take hours of trial and error. But with all this, there is a reward. There is always something to learn in coding. And once you get the “hang of it” it’s “easy-peasey!” Well, what I mean is, coding bootcamps like TECH I.S. have a super-easy-to-understand curriculum. They also have a project-based learning model to ensure that all their students gain hands-on experience. With this approach, you will be able to assimilate what you’ve learned by practicing on real-time projects with industry-related data, making it simply easy for you to get better at it!

And the great news is that programming is accessible to everyone through short-term courses at well-planned coding bootcamps. Right out of high school, students are enrolled in bootcamps to learn IT skills. These skills are for a lifetime and also give coding bootcamp graduates an immediate entry into the arena of software programming work. Many coding bootcamp graduates are able to grow exponentially with their practical project-based learning which helps them focus on the core concept of these skills.

Get Started, Learn Software Programming

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