Top 5 Programming Languages WordPress Developers Need To Know

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Most people want to learn as much as they can about the programming language that is most relevant to their career. Doing so gives them an advantage over the competition and allows them to prove themselves in their field truly. However, with anywhere between 700 and 9,000 languages out there, choosing the right one can be difficult. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. 

This article will cover the top five programming languages WordPress developers need to know. These are the languages most relevant to this line of work and the languages that will prove to be the most helpful in this position. 

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1. HTML: HyperText Markup Language

Anything involving internet web pages will almost always involve HTML. Whether you’re creating a simple landing page or the most complicated website you can imagine, using HTML will be part of the process. 

This is because HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a markup language designed to display web pages. In this capacity, it is the industry standard. 

Learning HTML is relatively easy, especially compared to other programming languages. It can take as little as one to two weeks for most people to gain a basic understanding of the language. Obviously, mastering the language will take longer, but you can get pretty far with this basic level of knowledge. 

Considering the importance of this language to every WordPress developer, this is incredibly good news. Even with very little coding experience, you can get started with the basics of website design very quickly. 

2. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is another language that forms a fundamental part of most web pages. It plays a large role in changing how a website is displayed. In this way, it impacts the web page’s overall look, style, and appeal. 

This language goes hand in hand with HTML. HTML provides the basic structure of the web page. Meanwhile, CSS takes this structure and displays it in an attractive way. It doesn’t change what the HTML is doing but, rather, changes how it looks. 

Think of HTML as drawing a picture with only a pencil. You will be able to create the structure of the picture and get the basics on the paper. However, the image will be in black and white and will lack the level of detail brought out by color. Using CSS is like going back to that picture and coloring it in. 

However, unlike HTML, CSS takes a while to learn. It can take several weeks to get a grasp of what CSS is and what it entails. In addition, it will take much longer to get the most out of it truly. 

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3. PHP: Personal Home Page/Hypertext Preprocessor

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HTML and CSS are an important part of any web page on the internet. However, PHP is specifically important to developers using WordPress. 

This is because PHP is the language that actually runs WordPress. It was originally created as a way to display a personal home page. However, people liked that it was so comfortable to use and started using it for other types of websites. Now, any website using WordPress will use PHP. So, learning more about PHP helps you learn more about WordPress as a whole. 

PHP is helpful because it offers a lot of potential at all levels. It is relatively easy to learn, and with a general knowledge of programming, you can write simple PHP scripts in hours. However, at higher levels, the more advanced aspects of the language become more useful. Fully exploring this language through a class or a coding bootcamp will allow you to take full advantage of WordPress by learning more about the engine powering it. 

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4. JavaScript

While the other languages on this list mainly involve how a web page is displayed, JavaScript is more involved in the interactions that take place on that web page. Any time you interact with a web page, and it does something in response, JavaScript is at work. 

This adds even more style and flair to a website. A website that truly tries to provide a rich and memorable experience will include JavaScript. With JavaScript, you can turn a simple website into something that looks far more professional. 

In addition, JavaScript can enhance the user experience. Some things can be quickly displayed with JavaScript rather than loading an entirely new page. So, it is a great way to give a snappy and responsive feel to a website. This is important because having a responsive website is critical to keeping people on the website. People will go to a different one if a site seems slow or unresponsive. This hurts the website and can even impact how well it ranks in search engine listings. 

The downside to JavaScript is that it takes longer to learn than the other options on this list. Some suggest that it takes around nine months to learn JavaScript. However, since JavaScript is such an intense language, gaining a more robust knowledge of the language can take even longer. 

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5. SQL: Structured Query Language

SQL is a language used for a specific purpose. It is designed to interact with data that is housed within databases. 

While this isn’t necessary for every website, it will form a critical piece of many websites. In many cases, customer or client information is stored within a database. This could include names, addresses, country codes, and other relevant information. Accessing this data will require the use of SQL. 

Learning SQL is quite difficult and takes more time than any other option on this list. Because of this, many people choose to learn it through a class or a coding bootcamp rather than trying to tackle it on their own. 

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The Best Programming Languages for WordPress Developers

When it comes to creating WordPress pages, there are a few programming languages you really need to know. Simple to advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL is incredibly helpful. With these under your belt, you can start developing the best WordPress pages. Related: Learning To Code – Languages You Need – 2023