How to Start Coding in 2023, New to Programming?

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The most valuable thing to gift yourself in 2023 is learning to code and become a programmer. Many beginners in programming have the will and motivation but do not know how to start coding. The reason for this article is to help kickstart your coding journey. We understand your aspirations and are here to support every beginner at programming every step of the way.

Well, coding happens to be one of the most valuable skills you can build. For those who want to augment their careers and paychecks, learning to code is an assured route. 

The unspoken truth is, if we didn’t assume that coding was complex, we will admit that we’d like to learn to code. Okay, so, that aside, if you’re searching for “ways to learn to code”, you have got the right article. In this article, we will help you understand the reality of coding and find the most effective and time-friendly manner to achieve it. 

Most aspiring programmers or coders began just like you. And today, by learning these skills and they are able to accomplish a variety of things. And similarly, coding is a skill you could use to build video games or applications and even sell them, or develop software and enjoy it. Either way, you will find your niche in the IT sector and have a fruitful career. IT careers are sought-after for being future-proof with many positives like work-life balance. I also know that programming helps keep your creativity and mental functions active as well! What’s more, the paycheck never hurts!

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Everyone Can Code

It has been established, yes, it has, that anyone and everyone can code. You need to have the following; motivation, dedication, a laptop, internet access and set aside some time to learn and practice this skill. 

No, you won’t learn it overnight, but you can get adept at the skills in less than 6 months, within the end of 2023. How? 

In this article, we’ll guide you with supplements that will ensure your programming prowess by giving you an insight on;

  • What is Coding?
  • Why learn to code?
  • Benefits of Learning to Code?
  • How to Start Coding

What is Coding?

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Every day, we all use some application or website, right? Okay, so these websites or applications we use has been built by using specific programming languages, in order to give instruction to the computer. It’s really that simple.

Why Learn to Code?

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What do you actually want to code? Think for a minute or more, and write it down before you proceed. Having a sense of what you want to accomplish with your efforts will probably help you greatly as the journey progresses. 

One of the other reasons is that this will help you determine the programming language you want to learn first and what projects you want to start working on.

Benefits of Learning to Code

Start Coding to Propel Your Professional Life

Adding coding knowledge to your life is extremely beneficial and considered a valuable skill in any profession. 

It acts as one of the biggest assets since technology continues to moderate our daily lives. So in order to be a sought-after candidate with skills desirable to any HR, get those IT skills in your kitty. 

If you need more affirmation, visit a job portal and you’ll find that the highly pursued skills are IT based. 

Those who really want to advance their career, shift into the IT sector, by starting to learn at least a couple of useful IT skills. Understanding the simplicity of WordPress and practicing other front-end languages can give you a headstart. And with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you will have the skills of a web developer.

Start Coding = Earn More!

The average entry-level salary in the U.S. is $40,153 in 2022, and the average starting salary for a programmer is $85,293, almost double with a few years of experience. Additionally, coding knowledge enables you to take up freelance work or a full-time career.

The more you learn to work with codes, the more you specialize in a particular language. And the more you specialize, the higher your salary gets. This also helps you decide what you enjoy doing; if you like to debug software then you might become a developer. 

And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for developers has been predicted to grow by 22% by 2030.

Coding amplifies your technical abilities and understanding of complex concepts that are abstract in nature and your problem-solving skills.

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How to Create Things with Programming Skills

Once you learn to code, you no longer share the envy for someone who has the skills to create their ideas into reality, you can now do it yourself! Not only does having technical skills been proven to catapult the overall confidence of a person, but also creates security for your future.

So if you have an idea, you can now actually create it. If you have always wanted to create a website, app, or game, you can now make it happen. 

Whether you want to create, try, experiment, monetize, or explore the possibilities, learning to code provides you with independent access to knowledge that is priceless.

Programming Helps You Understand the World You Live In

Start by working on projects, because it not only helps you get a better understanding of the languages but also helps you see how it affects the world you live in. 

Even with a basic understanding of programming, your knowledge of how technology and its development becomes more clear. 

You will now have a deeper understanding of how life connects with technology to augment it for the better, and also make you explore ideas to contribute.

Fun = Start to Learn Coding!

I feel this was something that was hidden from most of us. With movies showcasing coding and coders as people who only lived in the basement and missed out, we did feel a little averse. 

However, chances are that the person living in that big mansion, or going to the Caribbean in a yacht has coding knowledge.

Start Coding But How? 

Why do you want to learn to code? Or why do we ever really want to do or learn anything? Finding the core reason for these questions will make the entire experience very productive. It will help you design an end goal. 

And defining your end goal will help you to stay focused to reach it. Those who do not have a vision of the end goal often get frustrated with the initial effort and give up and miss out on all the benefits. 

Understand what types of projects might interest you and do research on the languages important to be learned to accomplish the end goal. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with a plan than enter into unfamiliar territory with unrealistic expectations.

List of Things to Remember for Beginners in Programming

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1. Choose which coding language you want to learn first: There are many different programming languages, each with its own features and usability. Discuss it, read about it, and decide on it. 

2. Read books and ebooks: For those who prefer reading to learn, there are plenty of great resources that can be used. Eg. Python Crash Course to learn Python. SQL in 10 minutes, Sams Teach Yourself is also a favorite.

3. Watching video tutorials: Some learners find this engaging, and easy to follow and learn from. Eg. Crash Course Computer Science.

4. Take online courses: There are plenty of online courses to choose from and become a self-taught coder. See which one appeals to you! 

5. Find a mentor and a community: Software programmers have a supportive community where they assist and help one another. So it’s an idea to have the support you need when learning to code.

6. Check out how other people code: It is a great way to learn from reviewing other people’s code. Gives you options especially when you get stuck with a particular code. 

7. Complete coding projects: This is mandatory, no matter what method of learning you choose.  

8. Use tools that make learning to code easier: GitHub, Codeanywhere, searchcode, code editors like Notepad++, Sublime Text, etc.,

9. Enrolling in a coding bootcamp: Bootcamps have a structured way of learning that is fast-track and without having to quit your job. Their minimal fee guarantees your graduation and high chances of landing a job within 180 days given their job support.

So if you are someone who needs the plan to get it done, this could be a fail-proof method for you. Explore more at the TECH I.S. coding bootcamp whose Alumni have received a high acceptance rate in the IT sector.

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Consider Enrolling in a Coding Boot camp

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The quickest and most effective way to achieve both learning and landing a job in the IT sector?

Thousands of people are taking up training programs to get job-ready in as less as 180 days. Even without a degree, you are now able to learn IT skills to land an IT opportunity. 

For most, TECH I.S. coding bootcamp has been a launchpad to propel themselves out of unemployability and gain access to a career that is secure and high-paying. 

If everyone can do it, why don’t you give it a go, especially since you are no longer required to pay a heavy college-like tuition fee? TECH I.S. with its incredible curriculum equips anyone from any background with coding skills. They also provide learners with various flexible payment options. 

And those who think of the high return on investment know that this is a steal deal. With these skills, you will get an approximate 56% hike, a torrent of job opportunities, and steady growth with payment and role. Invest short-term and gain long-term dividends. 

Learn more about your options for free by clicking here and giving it a good thought, after all, the choices you make code your reality. And remember, every advancement starts with a new change or new investment.

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