The Importance of Coding Bootcamps for Women in Technology

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The importance of women in technology has become more clear than ever before. However, women still only make up around 28% of the workforce in STEM careers. It is clear that more effort needs to be made to correct this imbalance. 

One of the ways in which this can be facilitated is through coding bootcamps. These present a unique opportunity to teach coding and make it more accessible to women. Keep reading to learn more.

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Why Coding?

Coding is becoming an increasingly important skill for anyone in the technology industry. It offers a wide variety of benefits that are an asset for any woman. 

Provides Entry Into Certain Careers

The most obvious benefit coding provides is the basic requirements for certain careers. Some careers, like programmers or software engineers, require coding knowledge. Without coding knowledge, you simply cannot get these careers. 

Many people fail to appreciate how significant this is. They don’t realize how many jobs require coding and, because of this, underestimate the importance of coding. However, programmers, developers, analysts, computer engineers, data scientists, network administrators, and more careers all need coding. Plus, many of these careers are a broad category that can be further broken down into a wide range of jobs. With all this in mind, it is clear that coding opens a lot of doors. 

So, by learning how to code, women have access to an entire segment of the technology industry. If women are ever going to change the imbalance in STEM, changes like these need to happen. Otherwise, large sections of STEM fields will continue to be dominated by men. 

More Employable

People who know how to code can find jobs easier, especially in the technology industry. Jobs in technology, even those that aren’t centered around coding, are growing increasingly reliant on workers who know how to code. Because of this, employers are specifically looking for people with coding experience. 

The true degree of this depends on the degree of coding a potential employee knows. Someone with massive amounts of coding experience has a huge edge over the competition. However, even someone with limited coding experience will look much better compared to someone with none. 

In addition, many jobs outside the technology industry are looking for people with coding experience. In fact, coding is one of the most in-demand skills out there. This makes women who know how to code more employable all around. This gives them a greater degree of leverage within the industry.  

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Greater Opportunities for Advancement

People who know how to code don’t just find jobs easier; they go farther in those jobs. Like any skill relevant to a job, coding allows people to do better at their job and, thus, achieve advancement. 

This is especially true in careers where coding is helpful but not necessary. In these places, people with knowledge of coding will stand out against their peers. They will be able to do things others cannot and, in doing so, will be the obvious choice when it comes to promotions. 

By encouraging women to learn to code, imbalances at the top of the STEM world are corrected. Men control 74.1 percent of STEM leadership positions. For this to change, more women need access to the tools that will help them make it to the top. 

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How Coding Bootcamps Help

With the benefits of coding clearly outlined, you may wonder how coding bootcamps help women in technology. This is because coding bootcamps have advantages over learning to code in traditional ways. 

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Coding Bootcamps are Effective

First off, coding bootcamps are seriously effective. They consist of courses designed to teach the material in a way that works. Their primary goal is to teach coding, so everything they do is focused on this. 

Coding bootcamps also have a great level of specialization. A typical degree in coding forces you to take classes unrelated to coding. However, a coding bootcamp spends all of its time focused on coding and the skills you need to master. You don’t have to waste time on things that are not relevant. 

Some coding bootcamps even have options that go beyond what is expected. For example, some online coding bootcamps offer 1-on-1 mentoring. This is a stark contrast to the traditional classroom model of teaching, where an instructor’s attention is split across an entire group of people. Teaching in a 1-on-1 setting is more effective and, in some cases, may be just what someone needs to understand the concepts they are learning. 

Coding Bootcamps are Accessible

Coding bootcamps are also wonderfully accessible. Traditionally, people learn how to code by taking college courses and pursuing a degree. However, doing so takes time and money that some people simply don’t have. Just driving back and forth between a college campus, work, and home each day takes up a massive chunk of time. Anyone working a full-time job or with other significant commitments will likely be unable to pursue coding this way. 

However, coding bootcamps are more flexible. Many allow you to schedule your own hours and will do their best to make sure you are able to attend. Some even offer 24/7 support and coaching, which is critical for anyone trying to learn to code while also dealing with a busy schedule. Plus, many provide you with study materials and elements from the lesson that you can learn from whenever it is most convenient for you. 

In addition, most coding bootcamps take place online, which offers a ton of benefits. Busy people don’t have to waste their time driving to and from campus. Instead, they just attend classes from the comfort of their own home. In addition, anyone with disabilities or who has trouble leaving the house can take the classes from their computer instead. By being more accessible, coding bootcamps allow more women to learn how to code. 

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The Importance of Coding Bootcamps for Women

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Coding bootcamps give women an incredible level of skills and knowledge that they can then go on to leverage in their careers. This is delivered in a format that is both effective and accessible. Once more women have learned to code in this way, they will take a larger role in the technology industry and will even take higher positions within it. This will help address some of the larger problems plaguing the entire world of STEM. 

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