Top Must-Have Web Development Skills in 2023

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Are you thinking about a career as a web developer but not sure what it will take? You will need some skills to gain an entry-level position and others that you can learn afterward. Reviewing our list of top must-have web development skills will let you know whether this is the career for you. Check whether you have these skills or would be happy to develop them. If the answer is yes, and the intellectual challenge of being a part of the ever-growing, ever-changing tech industry appeals to you, you might make a great web developer.  

As much work and opportunities are currently available to web developers, this is a career that is still expanding. Demand is growing for developers as many businesses and organizations shift their presence online. So, this career choice isn’t just fulfilling, it is also lucrative, with plenty of room for upward mobility.  

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What is a Web Developer?

A web developer takes a design made by a designer or design team and creates and maintains websites and web applications. Although they will often design a website’s layout and visual aesthetics, they are primarily focused on writing the complex code that dictates the speed, performance, capacity, and behavior of the website or web apps. As a necessity of code writing, web developers must also test and debug their work. 

There are three types of web developer:

  • Front-End Developers: These specialize in what you see when you visit a website or use an app. Front-end developers are concerned with the website’s aesthetic appeal and creating a positive user experience. 
  • Back-End Developers: These specialize in what you don’t see or immediately interact with, like the code that informs the website’s behavior. They are primarily focused on the speed and other performance metrics of the site or app. 
  • Full-Stack Developers: This is a highly sought-after subgroup of developers who can do both front-end and back-end development.  

The Top Must-Have Web Development Skills

We’ve divided the top must-have web development skills into two subsets – one for technical skills and the second for non-technical skills. It won’t surprise you that in addition to the obvious skills you should know or be prepared to learn, other skills help you apply the technical skills and be better at your job. 

Technical Skills


The most significant part of your job will be coding, which is a must-have skill. You will need to use the following:

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) works with HTML to style elements of the website, like colors, fonts, and layout.
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is standard markup language for web page creation and giving instructions for displaying data on the browser.
  • JavaScript makes it possible to add interactive elements to website pages and makes them more engaging. 

Additional coding languages are Java, Python, PHP, and Ruby. These are useful for back-end development or if you are pursuing being a full-stack developer. 

Libraries and Frameworks

As you write code, you will find that you can use parts of your code for other applications and projects. Why keep writing them from scratch when you can hold them for future use? So, you will use libraries to hold functions to make future programming just a little easier. You can use JavaScript libraries or libraries in CSS. 

Similarly, frameworks allow you to edit functions and use them as required. You don’t have to build the same things over and over. You can create, store, and adapt these according to your various projects. This will organize your work and give you a more structured approach to your coding. Frameworks can also help you make device-responsive applications. 

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Computer screen for search engine optimization analytics

What’s the point of building a website for a client that remains invisible to their target audience? Search engine optimization is a means of causing the website to rank higher on search engine results, thereby making the website more relevant to more people. 

The ability to optimize a client’s website is in high demand. Businesses and organizations need to increase website visitors because it increases possible conversions. SEO is a vital and valuable skill to have. 

Testing and Debugging

A necessity of writing large amounts of code is testing and debugging. Debugging means that if (when) your tests reveal faults or issues with your code, you fix these ‘bugs.’ You may spend a third of your time fixing problems with your code. So, after you create a website, you will dedicate much more time to maintaining it – ensuring that issues do not develop over time. 

Testing and debugging can be frustrating and time-consuming work. You will have to become a pro at creative thinking and problem-solving. 

Responsive Web Design

This is an essential skill for web developers because people access the internet on many types of devices. The website you create must be just as visible, visually appealing, functional, and fast on a mobile device as on a desktop. 

Version Control

As you make the inevitable changes to your code, version control allows you to track and control those changes. Specially designed software gives you the ability to fix issues faster. Not only can you see where changes to the code have gone wrong, but you can also quickly revert to a version of the code before those changes. This is a game-changer!

Non-Technical Skills

Here are just a few non-technical skills that will make you a successful developer:

  • Creativity
  • Love of learning
  • Good communication – written and verbal
  • Persistence
  • Focus
  • Detail orientation

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Become a Web Developer

Being a web developer is a demanding but appealing career. You will enjoy the challenges and fulfillment of doing a job many others can’t and receiving lucrative pay for it. This field isn’t difficult to get into, but if you want success, you should commit to learning and updating your skill set all the time. 

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