How Much Do Web Developers Make in 2023

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Careers in the tech industry are exciting and sought-after because they’re well-paid and fulfilling. Web development, in particular, is an ever-expanding field in tech, with companies and individuals creating a robust demand for these services.  

If you want a career that allows you to have a work-life balance but is still challenging, web development might be for you. Today, we’re discussing how much web developers make, the hours they keep, and their different work environments. This is the information you’ll need to decide if this is the career for you.  

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What Are Web Developers?

A web developer programs code that informs websites and web apps how to behave. They also create, design, and maintain websites, web apps, and software. Developers use programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScipt to build websites for all types of devices.  

Good web developers can create websites that provide a positive user experience for advanced users as well as beginners. 

Web developers can specialize in either:

Front-End Development (also called Client-Side) – These web developers design the visual elements of the website and program the things the user will see, and they’ll use languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Although web developers do some design work, they don’t design websites. This is why web developers and web designers are often confused. 

Back-End Development (also called Server-Side) – These web developers are responsible for writing code for the logical parts of the website and focus on servers, databases, and APIs. This is essential work, although website users never see it. 

Full-Stack Development – Web developers who do this kind of work combine front-end and back-end development. They are often sought after for their high level of knowledge and competence. 

How Much Do Web Developers Make?

A happy and successful web developer learning new code

According to the BLS, the 2021 median salary of web developers across the United States was $74,742 per year. The salary is dependent on which state they operate in. Here is a breakdown of median wages in the five highest-paid states:

  • Utah – $88,064
  • Texas – $86,304
  • Virginia – $84,619
  • California – $83,272
  • Illinois – $80,466

Conversely, here are the five lowest-paid states – although these are still relatively good salaries:

  • Connecticut – $55,212
  • Rhode Island – $52,985
  • Vermont – $49,841
  • Alaska – $79,554
  • West Virginia – $73,294

You will recognize that these and other states have varying costs of living, which have impacted (positively or negatively) the actual value of the salary. Here are a few examples:

Utah, the state with the highest salary, is boosted by its cost of living index. The average salary is $75,768, but when adjusted by its 98.4 costs of living index, it has a value of $88,064.

Connecticut, the state at the other end of the spectrum, has an average salary of $80,859. But the value of this salary has been lowered to $55,212 because of the state’s high cost of living index.

South Carolina has a cost of living index somewhere between Utah and Connecticut. The average salary of web developers in South Carolina is $76,379 but has a lower value of $65,680 when the cost of living index is factored in. 

Washington, D.C., has a costs of living index of 152.1. This takes the average web developer’s salary of $85,335 and reduces its value to $62,281. 

Clearly, the salary of a web developer is a good one regardless of where you live, but it may be enhanced or reduced depending on the costs of all the other things you need to spend money on, like rent, utilities, transportation, food, etc. 

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Pay According to Education

According to, here are the possible average salaries across the United States for different levels of education. 

  • AAS Degree in Web Development – $17/hour and $54,000/year
  • BSc Degree in Web Development – $20/hour and $67,000/year
  • BSc Degree in Web Design & Development – $21/hour and $63,000/year
  • MS Degree in Web Design & Development – $22/hour and $68,000/year
  • MCS Degree in Web Development – $29/hour and $92,000/year

This career choice necessitates a level of skill and knowledge in the field. But while you may gain an entry-level position with minimal education, you should consider continuing your education to earn a higher salary and qualify for promotions.

The Duties of a Web Developer

Knowing how much money you can make as a web developer is great, but what will you be expected to do? Here is a list of the duties of a web developer:

Main Duties

  • Write Code: This is what you will spend most of your time doing.
  • Meet with Clients
  • Coordinate with Team Members
  • Create and Test Apps
  • Monitor the Website Performance 

Non-Standard Duties

  • Effective Communication
  • Create Graphic Designs
  • Generate Online Content
  • Optimize for Search Engine Ranking
  • Be Willing to Work Outside Your Speciality
  • Promote Marketing 
  • Creativity 

The Work Environments & Work Hours of Web Developers 

No matter how lucrative a career is, you will still need to enjoy it (to some degree) and have a work-life balance. So, whether a web developer works full-time in an office or remotely or as a freelance consultant, the work necessitates a commitment to deadlines (short-term and long-term). 

In an office setting, a developer will have set work hours and clearly-defined requirements. You will work in one location, have regular team meetings, and have a steady salary. 

A freelance web developer will likely work from home and set their own hours. If you choose this path, you can select your projects and probably specialize in full-stack development. While you may enjoy the autonomy of this path, you’ll have to find (and keep) your own clients, and your income may be irregular.  

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Web Development Makes a Great Career

A career in web development is excellent for anyone committed to lifelong learning. The tech field is fluid and innovative. There is constant growth and evolution, and you’ll learn new and exciting information and develop new skills throughout your career. The pay is excellent, and so are the future prospects. 

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