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You could not have asked for a better time to learn IT skills and land a career in software programming with a high salary, even without a college degree, and as quickly as 6 months! You will find it super possible and interesting to get into the IT sector. With technology becoming the very DNA of our lives, it’s only natural for you to consider a job change or a career option for the next couple of decades. And so, it’s time for everyone to learn a bit of software programming and enjoy the perks that come with it. And the good news is; programming is not as complicated as you thought!

Speaking of college degrees, do you remember the time when pursuing software programming was meant for people who could pay exorbitant tuition fees, etc., Today, thousands of citizens in the U.S. are pursuing their software programming dreams with fast-track courses, easily.

In this article, we are going to focus on how you can get there! Read on to upskill and get hired as a programmer in 2023.

2023 High Paying Skills

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According to recent statistics, programming jobs are set to rise by 25% by 2030. And additionally, the benefits of a programming career have inspired many citizens in the U.S., from every conceivable background, to upskill and get better career opportunities and start a career in programming! 

Looking for a high-salary software career? Fact Check;

You do not need a college degree for a high-salary software job: Conversely, you do need an understanding and working knowledge of programming skills. In the last few decades, the field of programming has grown gradually making progress to unprecedented heights. And in 2020, we saw the popularity of coding boot camps increase. As a result, people could now learn these skills in a matter of months! And so, everyone has the golden opportunity to secure a stable job in the software sector.

Learn in-demand, high-salaried software skills: Any field that you can imagine is intertwined by technology to augment it, and professionals with coding skills along with managerial experience, good communication, logical and creative thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills are the next generation of the “7-figure” salaried professional even without a college degree.

Create a portfolio: It is an actual reflection of your programming skills. It also helps you showcase your working knowledge and creativity as a developer.

This can be achieved in just 6 months with a highly organized boot camp to technically enable people to shift their careers and break into the IT sector. So land your own high-paying salary with a great programming career, this year. 

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Software Careers with High Salaries List -2023

Explore your software career possibilities, you will achieve this with the knowledge of programming skills and a few years of experience! Gain these skills in a 24-week course, designed to help you specialize in courses like web development and data science skills. So, get started on your job opportunities for the upcoming year, 2023. 

1. Software Engineer

A software engineer will create computer programs by writing code and working with various programming languages. Software engineers collaborate with a team of specialists to develop the required software suitable for rapidly advancing technology. Additionally, they also maintain, audit, and fix issues when necessary.

You can get hired as a Python Software Developer or a Java Software Developer, with the job titles being entirely dependent on the company. The term Engineer and Developer are often interchangeably and commonly used in this field. 

Software Engineer Salary

The salary for a Software Engineer, in the U.S., ranges between US$87,845 to $118,267 per year. Communication, management, and problem-solving skills along with an understanding of the business are recommended to grow into a leadership role;

  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Software Development Director, earning an average salary of US$143,000 per year.

2. UX Designer

Do you have a creative side that can really augment user interaction along with your passion for technology? If the answer is “yes”, then you will enjoy working as a UX designer, focussing on designing apps and websites, with the best elements for users to interact effortlessly. Therefore, you will use your technical knowledge, design sensibility, and creative aesthetics with high functionality to create the best user experience. 

What salary can you get as a UX Designer?

In the US, the salary for a UX Designer varies between $83 000 and $130 000 per year.

3. Security Engineer

If you are interested in cyber security, then a security engineer job will interest you. A security engineer identifies all security measures, vulnerabilities, and threats in a company. He/she then develops a technical solution to improve incident response. They also implement a security assessment and code audits, managing any incident to the company’s security by coordinating the response across all teams.  Additionally, a security engineer develops threat models and automates security improvements.

What salary can you get as a Security Engineer?

In the US, a Security Engineer makes an average salary of US$126,793 and can go up to US$280,000.

4. System Analyst

System Analyst is one of the highest-paying Computer Science jobs. A system Analyst analyzes and optimizes efficiency and production by working with software and hardware. They will identify issues and fix them, as well as improve the existing systems. 

What salary can you get as a Security Engineer?

In the US, a System Analyst earns an average base salary of US$80,601 per year.

5. Web Developer

Web developers design and create websites, managing how the site interacts and functions. They also administer the site’s technical aspects, such as its performance and capacity, the speed, and how much traffic the site can handle. They also ensure the site meets the quality standards before it is launched.

 What salary can you get as a Web Developer?

In the US, Web Developers make an average salary ranging between US$67,712 to US$103,482 per year.

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6. Video Games Developer

Are you a hardcore fan of video games, yes? Then, the important factor in this job is the love for video games. If you are passionate about it, this job can be super exciting. Video game developers write codes, design games, and manage production among other things. You will also gain fame with the fan base increasing for a particular video game.  With many various roles in video game development, most times you can choose what you are more passionate about doing. 

 What salary can you get as a Video Game Developer?

Video Game Designer in the US earns an average of $96, 000 per year, and is based on the size of the company and the specific job role.

7. Data Scientist

A data scientist uses technology to collect, organize, evaluate and interpret large or complex sets of data. They analyze patterns and trends in datasets and build complex algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes. They also use machine learning techniques to improve the quality of data or product offerings. Additionally, data scientists communicate these recommendations to other teams and senior staff at the company.

 What salary can you get as a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists in the U.S. make an average salary of US$101,732 per year and have great scope to increase exponentially.

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Pursue A Software Programming Career Path

Now you have an idea of software programming careers with high salaries in 2023! With technology being fast-evolving, the demand for workers in the sector will only rise. And as a result, software programming has become the most lucrative field with high salaries. Build your programming skills, fast, at TECH I.S. Coding Boot Camp.

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