High-Paying Jobs Without A College Degree in 2023

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Don’t have a college degree? No sweat, it’s not the final verdict on how much you can earn! Many jobs place skill, experience, and working knowledge on the same page as having a college degree. And today, there are plenty of high-paying jobs you can get without a degree!

Coping with the changes in the business environment is mandatory. With automation being a disruptor in the global business environment, the only method to keep up with it is for people to be up-to-date with the skills required to work with the automated systems and processes for optimal business engagement and productivity. 

Technical Skills for Non-Degree Holders

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High-paying jobs no longer have boundaries bifurcating the “techies with a college degree” and the “techies without a college degree.” Today, employers understand that anyone can learn to code, with or without a college degree, and equally qualify for a high-paying job. And with the current job openings in the IT sector soaring with open slots to fill, employers feel that it is mandatory for every job seeker to equip themselves with programming skills to cope with changes in the economy.

Technology is constantly evolving and that is actually good news! Why? Because most people assume that constant change is a bad thing, however, in perspective, change actually keeps your career more interesting and your growth more constant. And with the core concepts in place, you get to enjoy learning newer methods to augment systems and processes in any work environment.  

Continual upskilling helps you make a difference at the workplace by integrating your new skills with critical thinking and existing technologies to automate certain processes and solve problems in the business. And what’s great is that it doesn’t require you to spend too much time. you can now upskill in less than six months!

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Upskill to Get The Best Jobs Without A Degree

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What was crucial to rendering jobs redundant? To answer is simple, it was the advancement in technology and the failure of people to keep up with it simply because most of them are conditioned to think that technology is only for a few select and not the best cup of tea for everyone else. But well, everyone including a child is actually using or dealing with technology on a daily basis, and yet some people believe that technology is not in their nature to learn! Not true!

Before we agree that automation has caused this redundancy, we must accept that the unwillingness of the people also factored into this result. 

There is an unusual and empty fear to explore changes or upskilling. Even when we were definitively aware of this advancement at some level, the refusal to upskill is the bane of our current work affairs. So don’t get stuck with the naysayers, instead, follow the leaders of the tech industry and hear what they have to say about learning new skills. Upskilling is the best investment most people are making!

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What Are the High-Paying Job Without a Degree? in 2023

You can most definitely land a great job with an excellent salary by upskilling. Remember, high-paying jobs without a degree can be divided into two categories; tech and non-tech jobs. For tech jobs, you need to learn how to code, either by teaching yourself these skills with the help of self-tutorials online or by joining a coding bootcamp. At a bootcamp you can gain knowledge quickly and get certified in software architecture, technical sales, web development, data analysis, data science, etc., to ensure a great start in high-paying jobs.

Non-tech jobs usually require prior experience in a particular field like management. However, non-tech job holders without a degree struggle to make 6-figure salaries at entry level. You will need to progress your way up the career ladder for 4-6 years to start making high salaries by reskilling and upskilling with management or tech skills to upgrade your post. However, tech jobs without a degree can make a 6-figure salary sooner and with more ease. A developer with a degree can easily earn more than $100,000 in less than 2 years based on their technical, creative, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Jobs Without a Degree

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Not having a college degree doesn’t mean that you cannot earn $100K. Get a high annual salary with alternative paths to a great career. Therefore, upskilling is the latest route assuring you a high-paying career.

For most of us, spending the whole day in a classroom environment is quite frankly an archaic method and not suitable for everyone. Many people are averse to learning because they imagine it to be boring and counter-productive.

Today, microlearning or nano learning helps people learn faster and better giving them the time to assimilate information with real-time practice on projects. This type of learning is skill-based, with which you gain knowledge to excel in the given job. Here are a few entry-level jobs with a fast-track nano-learning;

  • Help Desk Analyst: $46,059 per year – A popular position in most industries to provide technical support to straightforward issues over the phone or via email to customers and also install and implement tech solutions for end-users. You require knowledge of tech devices, including computers, problem-solving skills along with good communication to progress up the career ladder.
  • Computer Support Specialists:  $36,192 per year – Troubleshoots and monitors computer networks. PC technicians provide hands-on technical support for both hardware and software. Working directly with the customer to install and use new hardware and software. A specialist may also perform computer repairs. Knowledge of coding languages and operating systems is an advantage.
  • Computer Network Technician:  $50,000 a year – Install, upgrade and maintain their network of large enterprises and also monitor the day-to-day operations of the network. Knowledge of basic help desk support, understanding of operating systems, and networking are required.
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Lucrative jobs that are Skill-based

Some of the highest-paying jobs do not have a college degree as a prerequisite. They are mostly skill-based and assure your ascent up the job pyramid with experience. Let’s have a look at the highest-paying jobs without a degree and the skills required to land them.

  • Web Developer: $72,220 per year: Frontend, backend, and full-stack developers are all different types of web developers. Front-end developers design and develop the part of the website that users can see and interact with. They also ensure the functionality of the website. Backend developers troubleshoot the part of the website that users don’t see. They also ensure application functionality, manage integration, and maintain the database and infrastructure of the website. A full-stack developer is skilled with a working knowledge of both frontend and backend development.
  • Cybersecurity Specialists: $114,143 per year: Are in charge of monitoring the organization’s data for any potential threats or probabilities. They scan for any vulnerabilities in the system and build firewalls to manage any violations on the network infrastructures. Most cybersecurity specialists do not have a college degree.
  • Software Architects: $138,943 per year: Are highly skilled professionals in programming languages and operating systems. They oversee the progress of the projects and design whole systems based on client requirements and non-tech users, by collaborating with engineers, developers, and stakeholders.
  • DevOps Engineer: $125,214 per year: Develop, upgrade and implement software solutions for internal systems. They monitor the functionality of the servers and work with software developers, IT professionals, and system operators to implement new code and identify opportunities for improvement.

The best alternative path to a high-paying career

There are approximately 900,000 job openings without skilled manpower in the U.S. And having no access to a college degree is the biggest deterrent to securing a high-paying job and a bright future! However, with coding boot camps like TECH I.S. breaking the archaic mold of education, employers are now seeing the result of our graduates from all backgrounds and ages, whose skills are more valuable than a college certificate in 2023.

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