How To Study Coding With Chat GPT

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Chat GPT is changing the face of industries and sparking new interest in the possibilities of artificial intelligence. It has already had some profound impacts on the education sector and has the potential to do even more there. One way this has happened is by using Chat GPT to study. 

Specifically, Chat GPT can be a great tool for studying coding. If you’re wondering how this is possible, read on to find out.

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Ask Chat GPT to Explain Coding

If you want to learn to code and want Chat GPT to help you, the best way to start is to simply ask. You can start using Chat GPT as a study tool by asking it about concepts you need to know more about. The nature of these questions will depend on how much you already know about coding. 

If you are just starting out, you can have it explain very basic concepts. You can ask why coding exists or what coding is used for. Then, you can have it explain languages and why they are necessary. This will help you build some core knowledge about coding. 

After this, you can move on to more advanced questions. You can ask about the differences between languages. You can even have it identify what specific languages, like Javascript, are used for. These answers will help you further your knowledge and may even make it easier for you to pick what language or languages you want to learn. 

As you do this, keep in mind that Chat GPT can expand on its answers. If you don’t quite understand something it said, you can ask it to try explaining in a more approachable way. If you don’t understand a piece of what it said, you can ask it to go into detail about that piece and to try to explain it. You can even ask it to explain the topic as a whole further. 

With any of these questions, you are essentially asking Chat GPT to take on the role of a teacher or a very advanced Google search. Unlike a teacher, Chat GPT is always there, is versed in a wide variety of fields, and will respond at any time of day or night. Unlike a Google search, Chat GPT will answer in a conversational way and will do its best to explain things in a way you can understand. In this way, it is better than either of these traditional study resources on their own. 

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Ask Chat GPT How Code Works

Coding can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, you will look at a snippet of code you need to understand and simply have no idea where to start. In these cases, it can feel overwhelming even to attempt to learn what you should do. 

This is where Chat GPT comes into play. In these situations, all you have to do is ask. While this may sound overly simple, it is actually remarkably effective. 

Copy and paste the code you are working with into Chat GPT. Then, ask it whatever questions you think would help. 

Asking it to explain the code is a great place to start. It will explain the code in a way that makes sense to you and that you can work through it from start to finish. If you don’t understand something it says, ask it to elaborate. Or ask it to clarify something or even explain it further. Don’t move on until you have a grasp of what you’re working with. 

Once you have done this, you can ask more questions. Try asking how the code does what it does and see where that takes you. 

In this way, Chat GPT takes on the role of a teacher. It explains things you don’t understand and can even elaborate on those explanations. 

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Use Chat GPT to Generate Code

Chat GPT isn’t just limited to explaining code. It can be used to generate code from scratch. All you have to do is ask it. 

You can have it build an app by describing the app’s function. You can use it as a Regex generator. You can even use it as a JSX layout maker. To do this, just describe a layout to it, and it will create the appropriate code. 

All of this helps you study coding in an advanced way. By having access to a tool that generates code, you can see what that code looks like, even if you didn’t have access to any examples beforehand. You can use this to test yourself. 

For example, imagine you are building a simple app as a way to teach yourself coding through experience. You think you have a good understanding of what the code should look like but aren’t entirely sure. So, you ask Chat GPT to generate an example for you to look at. Using this example, you can verify that you were heading in the right direction, or you can see if you had made a mistake in your initial assumptions. In either case, Chat GPT helps improve the code you are working on. 

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The Downside of Using Chat GPT to Study Coding

While Chat GPT can be a helpful study tool, it is important to understand its limitations. Otherwise, you could compromise your studying. 

Chat GPT doesn’t actually know the answers to your questions and that it is just taking in information to answer those questions. If that information is flawed, the answers Chat GPT returns will be flawed

So, it is important not to trust Chat GPT entirely. It can make mistakes, and you shouldn’t base your studying on these mistakes. 

Because of this, it is best to use Chat GPT as one tool in your study arsenal. Your main study methods should still be a regular degree program or a coding bootcamp. With these at the center, you can supplement your studying with Chat GPT. 

Studying Coding With Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a useful and valuable study tool. It can be used to teach coding, explain code, and even generate code. By using it to its full extent, you can improve the way you study coding. 

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