Top 10 Skills Tech Recruiters Want in 2023 Candidates

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Changing job markets and technological advances have led employers to expect different skills from potential hires. In today’s world of digital transformation, many companies are looking for candidates with specific technical experience.

But what skills stand out the most to recruiters? Understanding which qualifications employers seek is critical to ensuring a successful job search in 2023. With that in mind, this blog post dives into the top ten skills technical recruiters look for when hiring. 

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1. Education

You must have the proper academic credentials before a recruiter even considers your resume. Yes, some professionals with no computer science degree work in the tech industry. However, the world is changing, and you’ll need some educational background to help you stand out.

If you have an unrelated tech degree or no degree, the best way to do this is with a coding boot camp certification. In a recent survey, 73% of those who completed an online boot camp found jobs within three months of graduating. The graduates also enjoy an average salary increase of 64 percent.

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2. Cloud Computing

The cloud allows companies to access and store data quickly. It also allows them to free up resources while increasing efficiency. As a result, cloud computing is essential to help businesses survive in this technological world. 

However, many business owners need help to use cloud computing efficiently. The need for those with cloud computing skills enables companies to see the results they’re looking for without them having to do the work. This makes it essential for you to gain the necessary experience in cloud computing and including onto your resume. 

3. Communication 

You may work at a computer all day, but the tech profession still requires you to communicate proficiently. Therefore, you must brush up on your communication skills before you start looking for jobs. 

For example, you need to be able to share with your colleagues about issues and updates. In addition, for those who need help understanding IT jargon, it’ll be your job to break the tech language down for them to grasp what is going on.

Along with communicating, you must be able to actively listen to your client’s problems to figure out their issues correctly. As everyone cannot give great details of technical issues, it’s your job to provide feedback and instructions on how to help them. As a result, technical recruiters will want to ensure you can communicate with employers and clients before hiring you.

4. Data Science

There are a lot of tasks that go into analyzing and managing data, especially when it’s corrupted. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle a large mass of unprocessed data and organize it correctly. This is why technical recruiters want to know if you have the necessary background in data science.

You should be able to present information through data visualization, clean data efficiently, and understand computer languages. Recruiters want to know if you can handle these tasks and may ask if you have ever done them during interviews. 

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5. Self-management 

An employee working from home

Recruiters want to know if you are capable of working independently. Suppose you’re not able to, don’t worry. Integrating self-management skills into daily life can help you handle work tasks more effectively. 

For example, do you often need help to motivate yourself to get your work done? Can you manage your time correctly to ensure all tasks are completed efficiently? 

Can you prevent your anger from arising when you’re struggling to process information and nothing is turning out right? Technical recruiters want to know if you can handle challenging situations without a meltdown, so they often seek those with self-management skills.

6. Positive Work History

Recruiters will look at your overall work history for any industry you’re job hunting in. If your work history is full of short-term employment, it can be hard for any potential employer to take you seriously. This is why it’s a must for you to try to stay as long as you can at your current jobs. 

Of course, this may only be possible sometimes, and there may be moments when you experience gaps. If you do, include the different activities you did during those employment gaps on your resume. For example, you can consist of volunteering, education, or special projects are great activities to add to a resume to help you fill in employment gaps.

7. Coding

Since it is technical recruiters you want to get attention from, you must have a firm grasp of coding. You’ll work on web programming, development, and software in this field. 

To perform your job duties correctly, you’ll need to be able to code in several different languages, such as Java, Python, and Ruby. Therefore, understanding code is crucial for software development projects for completion.

8. Adaptability 

In the tech world, you’ll never know what will happen. One minute everything is fine, and five seconds later, data is crashing. Technical recruiters want to know how quickly you can think on your feet. 

This is because specific projects may require you to change how you do things on short notice. Adaptability skills will allow you to accomplish tasks no matter what happens.

9.  Leadership

Whether you’re new to the career or have been in the tech industry for years, you will eventually have to be a project leader. Recruiters want to know if you can take charge of the project to ensure everything is done correctly and on time. 

In addition, they want to know if you can delegate tasks and won’t be afraid to speak your mind. Recruiters will definitely be interested in you if you can accomplish this.

10. Social Media

A screenshot of a phone displaying LinkedIn

It’s no secret that everyone uses social media, and this includes technical recruiters as well. However, as a new candidate, stop spending so much time on job boards and use social media

Tech recruiters like to see potential employees utilize different tools to help them stand out. By self-promoting on social media, you can help recruiters find you instead of you having to search for them. 

This is something that many people do not take advantage of and stick to the old methods of finding employment. You’ll be surprised at how impressive it is to recruiters when job seekers use online marketing to their advantage.

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Add These 10 Skills to Your Resume To Make Recruiters Notice You

Getting the attention of recruiters and finding the perfect job takes work. Trying to get potential employers to see you’re worthy of a career within the tech world can be nerve-wracking. 

However, with these ten skills, you’ll impress the recruiters and have them offer you a job in no time. So, be sure to gain and add these skills to your resume to help you shine through the competition.