The Best Online Coding Courses Of 2023

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People are more interested in learning how to code than ever before. Luckily, it is also easier to learn how to code than it ever has been. This is mostly due to the widespread existence of online coding courses that give learners the structure and resources they need. 

However, not all online coding courses are built the same. Some are clearly better than others, and some are not worth taking. 

To simplify matters, we’ve created a list of the best online coding courses out there. Keep reading to discover which options you should consider in 2023. 

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Why Should You Take an Online Coding Course?

Before looking at the best online coding courses out there, it is important to understand why these courses are helpful. This will allow you to pick the best one for you. 

First, most of these courses are designed to help you get a job requiring coding knowledge. More and more companies require knowledge of coding as a prerequisite. Simply knowing how to code gives you an advantage over other applicants. 

However, many of these courses come with degrees or certifications once you complete them. These are valuable because they prove that you have knowledge and competence in coding rather than just asking an employer to take your word for it. In this way, the courses provide something similar to the degree you get from completing a degree at a college or university.

While some of these courses provide something similar to what you get from a college or university, the way they do so is much more accessible. These courses are online and, thus, accessible from everywhere and accessible to everyone. Many are even flexible when it comes to when you need to access and complete the assignments. They are also far more affordable than completing any sort of collegiate degree. 

1. Web Programming Coding Bootcamp by TECH I.S.

The Web Programming Coding Bootcamp by TECH I.S. is an in-depth look at the skills necessary to enter the field of web programming. It is made for people who want to build websites from scratch, who want the ability to design web applications, and who want jobs in the software industry. In this way, it can be a stepping stone on the path to a successful career in web development

Over the course of this bootcamp, participants work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more. Each of these is a valuable tool on its own. However, together, they form a powerful arsenal that will give anyone the ability to start web programming. 

What makes this course superior to similar bootcamps are the additional services offered by TECH I.S. Each bootcamp comes with 1-on-1 training and instruction, which can be a critical part of ensuring that the learning process is actually effective. Each bootcamp also includes 24/7 support. These factors make it so that you get the instruction you need and have all of your relevant questions answered. 

The course lasts around six months and consists of 1-2 hours of work each day. At the end, you receive a certificate of completion. 

2. Google IT Support by Coursera

This is a course designed to prepare you for an entry-level position in IT. It covers an overview of the typical tasks expected of an IT support worker. This includes information about computer systems, wireless networks, Linux, command-line interfaces, and even binary code. It also includes information about other aspects of the job, like customer service. 

Part of the appeal of this course comes from the fact that Google actually created it. As Google is one of the top places to work in the entire country, knowing what they expect from IT support workers is valuable information. 

The course lasts about six months and consists of about 10 hours per week. At the end, you receive a certificate for your work. 

Looking for a coding course that can prepare you for your new career in only six months? Learn more about our web programming course today!

3. Hour of Code by Khan Academy

If you’re interested in coding but aren’t sure where to start, the Hour of Code course by Khan Academy may be for you. This course only takes an hour to complete but introduces you to the greater world of coding. 

The advantage of this course is that it is short, free to take, and starts you out with some of the most basic but still helpful coding information. This makes it a nice way to dip your toes into the world of coding without fully immersing yourself. You can do this with no commitment or penalty. 

However, the fact that this course is so short is also a limitation. It is a pretty basic program that barely scratches the surface of coding. By the end, you won’t know enough to put any of the information you learned to work, and no employer will be impressed by the fact that you took this course. 

So, if you’re looking for an introduction to coding and want to see if you should pursue it further, this is a nice option. If you want anything more intense, you will need to look elsewhere. 

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4. Machine Learning by Coursera

Machine learning is becoming a more and more relevant topic nowadays. It fuels everything, from the algorithm recommending the next movie you should stream to the computer guiding self-driving cars. As machine learning becomes more relevant, learning about machine learning becomes more valuable. 

This Machine Learning Course by Coursera covers plenty of information about machine learning. It teaches you about building machine learning modules using relevant coding languages, like Python. It also covers ways in which you can apply machine learning in practical ways. 

However, this is an advanced course that goes over an advanced topic. Because of this, it isn’t something beginners should consider jumping into. 

The entire course ends up being a little over 60 hours long. The course is free to take but comes with a cost if you want a certificate at completion. 

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5. Data Science Coding Bootcamp by TECH I.S.

A career in data science is something that interests tons of different people. These careers are in-demand, pay well, and are expected to become even more important in the future. You can also aim for a career in data science after completing a relevant bootcamp

This Data Science Coding Bootcamp by TECH I.S. is for people interested in programming and data, people who want a career in the data industry, and anyone who genuinely enjoys analytics, math, and statistics. It starts by covering relevant information like Python, SQL, and data processing and visualization. From there, it moves to more advanced topics like neural networks and linear regression. Finally, it concludes with a focus on tools and skills that will help you land a job in a field that uses all of this information. 

Like other TECH I.S. bootcamps, this one comes with a level of attention that sets it above the pack. This includes 1-on-1 training and instruction and 24/7 support. If these features are important to you, then this bootcamp is worth considering.

The course lasts around six months and consists of 1-2 hours of work each day. At the end, you receive a certificate of completion.

6. Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate by Udemy

It is estimated that AWS controls around 40% of the cloud computing market. This is a massive chunk of a market that is only becoming more and more important. So, knowledge about AWS is important because it gives you a direct advantage when it comes to getting jobs at the large number of companies that use AWS. 

The actual certification for this course comes from Amazon itself. The certification is given to anyone who can pass Amazon’s test about AWS. This course provides you with all of the knowledge and information you need to pass this certification test and even a practice exam before you take the real one. The course takes around 27 hours to complete. 

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7. Learn Python: The Complete Python Programming Course by Udemy

Python is a valuable coding language to learn. It can be used for various purposes, ranging from e-commerce systems to machine learning. However, Python is also rather difficult to learn, which prevents many people from tackling it in the first place. 

This opens up a unique opportunity for anyone who does want to tackle Python. By doing so, they make themselves a unique and valuable commodity. 

This course presents an effective way to learn Python. It covers the ins and outs of this programming language in a way that allows you to understand it by the end of the process. It also comes with lifetime access to the videos and resources that the course includes, so you can refer back to them in the future if you need to. 

The course is about 15 hours long and concludes with a certificate. 

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The Best Online Coding Courses

If you are interested in online coding courses, you want to be sure you are getting the best course available. Any of the options on this list make for a solid choice. So, all you have to do now is determine which one you like best.

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